LIAT flights affected by absence of fire services at George F. Charles Airport

George F. Charles Airport. *

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, March  04, 2013 – The Management of LIAT (1974) Ltd wishes to advise its customers and the general public that it has been forced to suspend flights into and out of the George F. Charles Airport in St. Lucia due to the absence of fire services at the airport.

LIAT wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  1. St lucians are too selfish dey knw damn there is no money in da country ...dey only fink of themselves... wat about da country's debt dont ur'll fink its goin to mke things harder..cum on we all need more money but dats nt da way

  2. This is very sad. These people are only thinking of themselves. What about the rest of us? what about our country?

  3. st lucians... a bunch of slef fish people oh boy! i in kenny's place wud pay no attention to u'll local job applications when i get them i wud give priority to foreigners first CSME... then u'll wud say a bunch of foreigners but u'll looking for it.

  4. Again!!! SMH

  5. Shutting down the Island is not a good thing when we depend on tourism.

  6. What? So when do they plan to be back running? What happen to those who need to travel this week?

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